On behalf of all the children here at Tomorrows Children's Fund I want to thank you so much for the CDs of New Age Music you donated to us. We played the CDs and found that it did have a very calming effect on our children. Played in an examining room before a child receives chemo, a finger stick or other treatment, we are sure that this wonderful music will put the children at ease and make the procedures more endurable. If you can donate more of this music in the future we would love to use it in our Music Therapy program by our child/life therapists. Again, let me extend our sincerest appreciation for the CDs we received and please know that it will bring hours of peace and enjoyment to all our young patients."Lynn Hoffman, Executive DirectorTomorrows Children's FundHackensack University Medical Center, NJ"I have used your CD's at home, and I use them at the shelter. I find them especially relaxing (at home) and helpful in falling asleep. At the shelter we play them for the dogs when the noise level is more than us humans can bear. The dogs really enjoy it. They usually quiet down with in the first 15 minutes of the CD. We see them get more relaxed, and some nod off. The effect lasts long after the music has stopped. Sometimes they are quiet for the rest of the day. "Lorna Konyak, DirectorArk Animal Shelter Cherryfield, ME"Forgotten 4 Paws gratefully acknowledges your donation of a relaxation CD for humans and pets. It works! The dogs party a lot less, the cats are almost comatose and the volunteers clean cages without complaining. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!"Sue Martin, volunteerForgotten 4 Paws Animal Shelter"All I can say is that every time I play this CD, which is every morning as I awake/meditate, and every evening as I fall asleep, it automatically puts me into a zone. In this zone I can feel the healing. It's so soothing that I'm on the verge of becoming addicted to it! You've heard of subliminal messages - well, this is subliminal healing!! : )A most relaxing and inherently healing CD!"Deena M Bennett¬†"I'm enjoying Listening To Riversong very much. I find it calms and energizes at the same time, a perfect balance of chitta and prana. Thank you."Geri Valentine, Yoga Teacher"This music speaks straight to my soul and leaves me feeling lovely. My bodywork clients report wonderful journeys while listening to this CD."Annie Mac, Massage Therapist"These gentle, almost delicate sounds evoke feelings that are so fundamental that they don't quite have names but that one recognizes as potent, primary and true. The simplicity that animates this music feels both sophisticated and naive -- and deliciously, at times heartbreakingly, authentic. Hear this music and receive the gift of compassion."Steve Horvath, Artist"Soulful music that penetrates to the core, awakening and reviving the often ignored Self that rejoices in simply being. A recommended journey. I cannot confine with words the ensuing transcendence that 'beautiful' merely hints. Sun and shadow, sweet and sorrow, encompassing the spectrum of being. I am listening to Artful Touch and feel how impossible to ignore all that is truly right with the world."Marie Rosenblatt, Writer"Gentle, meditative lines, and quiet assurance in its simplicity. A lot of complexity moving under the calm surface - restful but involving the listener".Fred Huntsman, Biologist"Visionaire is a true work of inner peace. From beginning to end it conjures up smooth and soothing melodies, giving off a peaceful feeling of warm summer air. Owning this CD has brought forth pleasure and calm. It creates a soothing atmosphere, which I find easy to write in. It is a true treasure to anyone looking to find calm in a world of chaos. That, I can say, is from my heart, which seems to be where Artful plays from."Mike Walsh, Woodworker"Rainy day - under warm covers - wrapped around yourself. Thinking you're going to get up but you can't quite make it and draw back into shelter. Looking out at rain-wind-maybe a small break in the sky and there is some answer of peace in it all. Melancholy soothed by tenderness of hope in internal searching."Aleidria Lichau, Teacher"Your sonorous musical themes are soothing for a sense of relaxation, for restful and contemplative thought."Stuart Silverman, International Consultant"This CD has a quiet strength and shows continued growth beyond his earlier (and very fine) CD's. The music is well-crafted, tranquil and meditative - it runs like water over an ever-changing landscape. Definitely one I'll recommend to friends."John Chalmers"I really enjoyed this CD and will be checking out others by this artist. It is peaceful and reflective music that can be enjoyed at any time, but for me I especially like listening to it in early morning. It is a nice way to begin the enjoyment of the gift of a new day."A. F. Ritter"My yoga students and I enjoy listening to the "Love With Gratitude" CD and find all the selections to be our favorites. Thanks...."Bob Fradette” - Satisfied Listeners

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Artful Touch Music was created for, and inspired by, the healing arts.  We invite you to use this music in your professional bodywork offices and yoga studios.

These songs are effective as music therapy for all ages and are enjoyable as a soundtrack for massage therapy and yoga practice.

This music encourages relaxation, a resting heart rate, deeper breathing, a calm and centered mind, and a general sense of well-being.

With Love and Gratitude,

Artful Touch

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