Touching Infinity - CD/Download

Playing On Heartstrings - CD/Download

Love With Gratitude - CD/Download

Ambient Dreams - CD/Download

Eternity And Beyond - CD/Download

Floating Further - CD/Download

Heartbeat Souldream - CD/Download

Listening To Riversong - CD/Download

Visionaire - CD.Download

Sun And Shadow - CD/Download

For The Holidays - CD/Download


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Artful Touch Music was created for, and inspired by, the healing arts.  We invite you to use this music in your professional bodywork offices and yoga studios.

These songs are effective as music therapy for all ages and are enjoyable as a soundtrack for massage therapy and yoga practice.

This music encourages relaxation, a resting heart rate, deeper breathing, a calm and centered mind, and a general sense of well-being.

With Love and Gratitude,

Artful Touch

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